New workouts and new nutrition program and ditching coffee!!!



I have finally decided that I need to come to terms with the fact that coffee is not my friend!!  I have always know it, but I don’t like to admit it!  The first time I became addicted to it I developed several kidney stones.  These were extremely painful and I never want to deal with that again!  So I quit coffee and went on a raw food diet and felt incredible!  Then in the summer of 2012, my son Brayden started making coffee everyday because he loves it!  When he makes it and I can smell it, I want to drink it haha!!!  Now I am realizing that after doing some research I believe that I have adrenal fatigue and coffee is the worst thing for that!  I was under great amounts of stress for pretty long periods of time.  In 1998,  my husband at the time was in a severe auto accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  My older son Brayden was only 8 months old.  His healing was a long slow process and it also changed all of our family dynamics, which was stressful as well.  Then in 2004 my younger son Cooper was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.  As you can imagine, my stress levels were off the charts with this one!  We spent a year of surgeries, chemo, radiation, the works!  Then the next 2 years consisted of regular scans to make sure the cancer did not come back.  I feel like all of that took a major toll on me.  Then in 2011 we started the foreclosure process on our house of 13 years and I filed for divorce.  Since that time I have been dealing with making sure that my 2 boys are taken care of and also dealing with having a new relationship and working our way through merging 2 families!  I am very happy with where I am currently, but it’s been a LONG and STRESSFUL journey!  I am sure that my adrenal glands have been shot for awhile!  I read the list of symptoms and I have many of them!  So now I will embark on the journey of healing that!  I think getting rid of coffee was the first step!  Now I am starting the 22 minute hard corps workouts and today I started day 1 of the 3 day refresh!  I actually feel amazing already!  I am still drinking my Cafe Latte Shakeology first thing in the morning.  It has coffee fruit in it, which is different than drinking coffee.  I think that will help me to not have withdrawl symptoms.  None so far!  I hope you stop by and check in on this journey!  If you need any help or you would like to join one of my workout/nutrition groups you can email me at!


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