I am in LOVE with 22 minute Hard Corps!!

I knew I was going to enjoy the cardio in this program, but didn’t know how badly I needed it!  I have always been a fan of military style or bootcamp style workouts.  After being a runner for so many years, it just fits in well for me.  The fact that it’s only 22 minutes is even better because I can finish it quick and then head out for a quick run!  I have done this 3 days in a row now and I feel amazing!  My legs are a little sore mostly from the running, but nothing major!  I am also on Day 2 of the 3 day Refresh.  I am feeling great with that too! Not hungry, no headaches, down 2 lbs so far.  So excited to get myself back on track with running and eating right!  I would love to help you if you would like to join one of my groups!  They are ongoing and you will have support for your workouts, nutrition, motivation, etc!  Email me at suziqfit@gmail.com or call/text me anytime! 810-730-4079.

Here is me on my run today!  I ran up that hill a few times haha!


And here is a video of me doing the last 2 minutes of 22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance 1!  Doesn’t that look like fun?!?  No, seriously? 🙂

and finally, here is my snack this afternoon! The snacks are pretty light on the refresh!  1 veggie + one healthy fat, so I cut up cucumbers and put avocado in the middle like a little sandwich 🙂  pretty yummy!



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