No COFFEE!!! I survived a week!!!


Honestly, this last week without coffee was pretty uneventful!  I only had one headache on Friday. It was day 3 of my refresh, which sometimes that in itself can cause a headache.  I had a green tea and then I was fine!  One thing that I do notice is that I am sometimes more hungry in the morning because coffee kept me from being hungry.  I would put sweetener and soy milk in it and it pretty much filled me up! So I have noticed that I really just want something in the morning to drink or something to make me feel like I am having something special, ya know!  Like coffee 🙂  But so far, it’s good!  And I do have more energy! I made a short video for you guys with my reviews of the different products that I am currently using!  See my previous posts if you are wondering why I gave up coffee!  I am pretty sure I have some adrenal fatigue for various reasons and now trying to heal through good nutrition!  I hope you continue to follow me on my journey!




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