Sleeping like a baby and getting some!!!


Something that I really noticed the last few days is that since I ditched coffee I am sleeping SO MUCH BETTER!!!  Usually I wake up a lot throughout the night.  In the morning when the kids are up getting ready for school it would wake me up every time.  Well, not anymore!  I wake up and feel very rested!  So, why is good sleep important anyway?  Well, there are lots of reasons and it’s way more important to your health than you may think!

-Over time, with poor sleep your overall health can deteriorate.  There are studies that link poor sleep quality to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

-It can also affect your sex drive. If you are too tired, you will not have the energy for lovin!  Impaired sleep in men can also lower testosterone in men.

-Less aches and pains.  In studies, people who have chronic pain felt it less when they got quality sleep.

-Lower risk of accident and injury.  If you are exhausted, you are way more likely to get into an auto accident or even injuries like slips and falls.

-Better Mood!  You are way more likely to be cranky if you are tired!

-Better Weight Control.  there is a hormone called leptin.  If you are lacking sleep your leptin levels are low and you will be more hungry.  Also, if you are more rested you will have more energy for your workout!

-Clearer thinking.  You can definitely think better when you are refreshed after a good night sleep!

-Better Memory. Sleep loss makes you forgetful!

-Stronger Immunity. Some studies are showing that people who had their 8 hours were less likely to get sick when exposed to a cold or flu!






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